Programme Objectives

The programme emphasises the integration of inter-disciplinary global studies knowledge, cross cultural experiential learning, and conducting independent research. Students will deepen their research skills and have an opportunity for comparative experiential learning in China, Asia, Europe, and beyond. The research-led philosophy prepares students to be resilient graduates who value knowledge and can work in teams to produce knowledge. Students are encouraged to advance their linguistic skills, including Putonghua proficiency through language courses and internship opportunities outside Hong Kong. The programme also allows students to pursue a Minor programme to develop their academic capacity in a further area. 


Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)
By the time of graduation, students would be able to:

PILO1) Identify and explain contemporary global changes and the various roles of China in these changes;

PILO2) Develop a broad range of knowledge about the social, cultural, historical, economic, environmental, and political issues in contemporary China by relating this knowledge to the broader process of globalisation;

PILO3) Explain the concepts, theories, and critiques of Global Studies and apply them as appropriate to an original research project designed by the student;

PILO4) Critically evaluate and apply appropriate research methods to analyse global and China issues;

PILO5) Cultivate a good command of the communication and cross-cultural competencies needed for an in-depth understanding of global interactions and processes through experiential learning.