Director's Message

The linkages between Hong Kong, China and the world are situated within processes constituted of numerous prosaic interplays between individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions. Without careful examinations of what is actually happening on the ground, and without concrete interactions with people and communities, we cannot understand the dynamics and mechanisms that produce and reproduce the various dimensions of these linkages.


Global and China Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University is a newly developed programme which enables students to explore the on-going transformations and engage with indigenous communities inside and beyond China. It distinguishes from similar programmes at peer institutions in its unique interdisciplinary curriculum and research skill training that highlights the situation of a changing China in the evolving world order. Students will not only explore the nuanced socio-political, economic and cultural processes of globalization and developments in China, but also gain opportunities of language training, academic exchange, and experiential learning in Hong Kong, mainland China, and overseas.


We train our students to be competent practitioners and scholars who can understand Hong Kong, China and the world in relational and comparative perspectives. We also cultivate cosmopolitan, intercultural citizens who think globally and act locally. 

Dr. Kang Yi

Programme Director

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons.) in Global and China Studies

Associate Professor, Department of Government and International Studies

Ph.D. Yale University

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